That Anti-Tony Abbott Band Are Overjoyed To Announce Their Break-Up

You may recall hearing about the Sydney political rock n’ roll duo spawned with the sole purpose of one day breaking up, once Australia’s 28th Prime Minister, Anthony John Abbott, was turfed out of office.

The Harry Potter to Tony Abbott’s Lord Voldemort, not-for-profit political punk rock outfit Until Abbott Gets Gone were born to one day thwart the muggle asylum seeker boat-loathing half-blood British immigrant Dark Lord PM.


And now, the band are delighted to announce that their work here is done. With the #libspill ousting of Tone overnight, Joe Gould and Gordon Wallace have joyously announced their break up, and released one final song to commemorate their triumph.

The swan song, dubbed Three World Slogan, was recorded in a matter of hours after the Australian Liberal Party grabbed the Turnbull by the horns and gave Tone his marching orders yesterday. Obviously, the band were ready.

“We’ve been dreaming of the day we’d disband ever since we formed,” drummer and singer Joe Gould said in a statement (via The Music)

“It’s a win-win: everyone who liked the band must have approved of our political agenda, and anyone who didn’t like the band must be pretty pleased we’ve broken up.”

The band’s commitment to disband was even enshrined on their triple j unearthed page: “We’ll break up the minute he leaves office, and all proceeds will be donated to charity”, the page stated.

“This is no hiatus, unless Abbott returns to leadership,” Gould concludes. “So we’re happier to never play again, in this form. We may have to start a protest folk band called Turnback Turnbull or something!”

Gould and Wallace are also well known for their work with Sydney post-apocalyptic world music/gypsy punk/chainsaw folk act The Crooked Fiddle Band.

Check out their final offering as Until Abbott Gets Gone, the song Three Word Slogan, below.

Listen: Until Abbott Gets Gone – Three Word Slogan

It's official, we're broken up. No hiatus, that's it. Because Abbott got Gone. Enjoy our final track and keep your eyes peeled for another project in the future. Please share it round!

Posted by Until Abbott Gets Gone on Monday, September 14, 2015

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