Thy Art Is Murder Celebrate Tony Abbott’s Downfall With Brutal T-Shirt Design

As Australia struggles to come to grips with the sudden and unexpected loss of our fearless political leader, Anthony John Abbott, affectionately “Tony” to the populace, Thy Art Is Murder have become the latest band to cash in on the PM’s sensational demise.

Heroic Tone was ousted by that Judas Malcolm Turnbull following last night’s #libspill, entering into the history books as the shortest-serving PM since Harold Holt, whose ministry was of course cut short due to his being mysteriously lost at sea.

And for those not merely content to #PutOutYourOnions as tribute to #FirstTermTony, Thy Art have got you covered.

The Sydney heavy music architects have released a limited edition celebratory Tony Abbott-themed T-Shirt, rocking a design that is, uh, not exactly subtle.

abbott tshirt

The commemorative threads, which are truly merciless in their interpretation of current events, will be available to purchase from Thy Art’s merch store ’til the end of the month.

It’s not the only controversial bit of swag to come out of the Thy Art camp this week. The band have also re-released their popular Banned In Disney tees after they were once again booted off several bills at Disney-owned venues in the US.

Meanwhile, in the wake of Tony Abbott’s own booting, the anti-Abbott themed band Until Abbott Gets Gone has also joyously announced their break-up, and released a charity single called Three Word Slogan to celebrate.

You can catch Thy Art Is Murder touring nationally with their Aussie metal brethren Parkway Drive later this month.

And you can also probably catch now-former Prime Minister Tony Abbott at your local Centrelink queue, as his termination comes just four days out from the two-year cut-off point needed for him to secure Prime Ministerial pension entitlements.

Don’t worry Tone, it’s only a six month wait for the dole after all. Here are some songs to ease the pain.

Australians all let us rejoice… until the end of the month.

Posted by Thy Art Is Murder on Monday, September 14, 2015

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