The 1975 Are Back On The Internet, In A Very Pink Way

After going dark on social media, it seems The 1975 have now gone, well, pink. The band sparked a fan meltdown after deactivating all of their accounts yesterday, including those of its individual members. But not before frontman Matt Healy uploaded a cryptic cartoon (below) to his personal Twitter account.

Many fans took the comic’s message of “SO WE MUST LEAVE, WITH A PARTING ‘WE LOVE YOU’ — WE ARE ALREADY GONE”, followed by the band’s big disappearing act, to mean that The 1975 were breaking up.

While others prophesied a name change or perhaps an image revamp. Even Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 weighed in on the groovy mystery.

And it seems Hoppus’s verdict could prove to be on the money. Just as quickly as the 1975 disappeared from the internet, 24-hours later, they have reappeared again, sporting an interesting choice of decor.

The 1975’s official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages have all been plastered with the same sheet of bare, pale pink. All prior posts remain, and no explanation has been offered for the pastel pimp-out.

What we do know is that The 1975 told Music Feeds back in January that they’d be releasing their second album in “2016, definitely, February to April”, which means a break-up seems even less likely.

Our best guess is that the whole pink thing signals a movement away from the band’s traditional black-and-white aesthetic, possibly ushering in a whole new era of technicolour, pretty much exactly like that scene in The Wizard Of Oz when Dorothy wakes up in Munchkinland.

Either that, or they’re collaborating with P!nk, the popstar – stranger things have happened.

At this point, your guess is as good as ours.

meme 1975

UPDATE 03/06/15: The 1975’s frontman, Matt Healy, has now penned an open letter to fans, explaining that the band’s disappearing act was all about starting a “new chapter”, which will begin with the release of their new full-length LP.

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