The Australian Live Music Business Council Has Launched, Looking Out For 65,000 Live Music Jobs

It’s no secret that the live music industries has been one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, but now a new council has launched to represent the tens of thousands of behind the scenes jobs that have been impacted.

The Australian Live Music Business Council (ALMBC) has officially launched today (Thursday, 2nd July) and sees to vouch for several occupations that work behind the scenes of gigs and concerts, including booking agents, promoters, ticketing companies, poster companies, publicists, media, food vendors, security, roadies and others.

The interim board is currently led by Select Music’s Stephen Wade, and a membership including Architects of Entertainment, ALH Group, EMC, Oztix and Untitled Group.

“COVID has shown just how important a collective approach is in times of crisis and the Australian Live Music Business Council fills that gap, providing for the first time, a platform to help galvanise our passion to work in this amazing industry” Wade said in a press statement.

“The formation of the ALMBC now gives a coordinated voice to the thousands of small and medium businesses working at the coalface of Australia’s essential night economy, representing the long-tail of shows, venues and events that underpin Australian commerce and culture.”

“The ALMBC is an exciting initiative. It’s great to see an organisation supporting vital roles that

are really essential to nurture and keep artist careers like mine on the road,” said Amy Shark of the council.

“If the venue doesn’t exist, the tickets don’t exist, the food van doesn’t exist, the security doesn’t exist and the marketing doesn’t exist, so I wholeheartedly support the foundation of this new organisation, especially knowing it will be representing Australian companies and Australian jobs.”

The ALMBC will be waiving membership fees for an initial six months. Find out more information here.

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