The Delta Riggs Call Out “Jerk Thieves” Who Stole Their Gear

The Delta Riggs’ guitarist Alex Markwell has put the call out on social media for fans to look out for his guitar, pedals and a pedal board after they were stolen by “jerk thieves.”

The equipment was taken from his car which was parked just off Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Not only did they steal the equipment but they also smashed in the back window to do so and left glass all through his car.

“Dear Jerk Thieves. Thanks for smashing my car window and taking my fave guitar, pedals, new pedal board and for putting glass all over the inside of my car, top start to the day,” Markwell wrote on Facebook.

“It happened outside my pad in Fitzroy. If any legends happen to see them pop up around Melbourne or wherever please hit me up.”

He further explained the situation to triple j telling them that it was “pretty much the first guitar that I bought with my own money.”

“It’s like the first proper electric that I ever bought that wasn’t just a crappy $400 guitar. It’s a ’60s reissued American Strat and I’ve been playing it for 15 years, it’s devastating.”

“Everyone’s got their eyes on the prize which is really great,” Markwell said about their fans in Melbourne who have already been on the look-out for the gear after the Facebook post received over 1,000 likes with a flood of comments.

Fans have also offered to lend equipment in order for the band to play upcoming shows with You Am I.

“I’ve got a spare guitar I can use but… actually a few people through Facebook have said [they can] help piece together a rig from their stuff,” he told triple j.

“So if I can’t collate it in time, through the kindness of strangers, I can put together a little guitar rig and keep on keeping on.”

It looks as if the police looking after the situation may already have a lead. The thieves also took Markwell’s credit card and minutes before the triple j conversation he was informed that they had picked someone up in Richmond who had his card.

Hopefully the police along with the help of The Delta Riggs’ fans can recover the gear as quickly as possible.

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Dear Jerk Thieves,Thanks for smashing my car window and taking my fave guitar, pedals, new pedal board and for putting…

Posted by The Delta Riggs on Monday, 26 October 2015

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