The eBay Listing For Weird Al’s Old Record Case Will Break Your Heart

Robert Young, a former producer on The Dr Demento Show, which gave Weird Al Yankovic his start in the music business, is selling a record case that once belonged to the parodist on eBay. Included in the listing is the heartbreaking story of how Young came into possession of the case.

Young writes that after working on The Dr Demento Show from 1981 to 1991 and developing a friendship with Yankovic, he moved to a town in northern San Diego where Yankovic’s parents coincidentally also lived. “I didn’t bother them as I didn’t know them all that well,” writes Young.

“In April of 2004 tragedy struck and Weird Al’s parents were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in their home,” he goes on to write. “I wanted to pay my respects to him for his loss personally, so I waited a few weeks and then went over there one day on a Saturday afternoon. Well, I happened to hit the nail on the head and got lucky because he was there, alone, cleaning out the garage!”

“We talked, hugged, laughed, cried… it was a sad moment as he also knew that I had lost my wife of many years a few years earlier,” he adds. Young recounts how he saw the record box in a pile of items and Yankovic agreed to let him have it, “as long as you’re not going to just sell it on eBay.”

According to BuzzFeed, with whom the seller confirmed his sad story, Young waited 10 years before unloading the record box, emailing the drummer in Yankovic’s band, John Schwartz, with whom Young had kept in touch, who said the parody-maker had given his blessing to sell the item.

The item’s current bid is listed at US$304.95, with the auction set to end around the same time that Yankovic’s week of music videos is set to come to a conclusion. Having released clips for seven songs on his latest album, Mandatory FunTacky, Word Crimes, Foil, Handy, Sports Song, First World Problems, and Lame Claim To Fame — Yankovic will unveil his final music video tomorrow.

Watch: Weird Al Yankovic – Lame Claim To Fame

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