The Kills Feel The Burn While Opening For Metallica

Opening for Metallica is never going to be an easy gig, something The Kills found out last night first hand.

Scores of French metalheads heckled and heckled the crowd warmers, though taking most of the flack was Alison Mosshart. Alison has taken to their social networks to voice her take on the situation, which, despite including hundreds of people, she felt was “invigorating…like electrocution is invigorating…an experience I will not soon forget”. Seeming to have taken it all in her stride, Alison further explains via the band’s Facebook: “for those fans in the front 50 rows who gave us the finger the whole set, no hard feelings kids, i’m still laughing. i’m in love with music and all the energies it may inspire. The more madness, the better. There ain’t no joy in an easy ride.”

Whether or not the heckling was in good spirit, it all seems to have been taken that way, and if there’s one thing metalheads hate, it’s simply not caring what they think. Admin of The Kills fan blog Blind Or Not contacted the group in regards to the event at Metallica’s biggest ever French show at Paris’s Stade de France. Alison further drove home her point by simply brushing it all off: “It was a surreal gig. It was a cool experience. I knew those fans would be abusive, the ones down the front that had been standing at the gates two days to be the first at the front of the stage. it’s the way it goes. however, there were a good 60,000 people who were polite… that didn’t know us. unfortunately, they were practically out of view. the place is so HUGE! Our feelings weren’t hurt.”

The Kills tied up their 45min set with the aptly titled Fuck The People, a befitting finale. Alison added to her response “It seemed to be appropriate. It gave me the opportunity to tell all the fans in the first hundred rows to fuck off right back. it was fun!”

Alison was also quick to praise headlining act Metallica stating that: “Metallica were very kind to us. They are nice guys and real music fans and it was an honour to get to do that”. Metallica have recently demonstrated their eclectic taste in music by booking bands such as Modest Mouse, Arctic Monkeys and Best Coast for their Orion Festival, though the fans don’t seem to be appreciating it.!

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