The Kooks’ Luke Pritchard Collaborating With Mark Foster

The Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard has revealed that he has quite the creative relationship with Mark Foster, frontman of Splendour-bound tunesmiths Foster The People. The two previously collaborated on the track We Can Tell The Truth for the Barcelona-based recording studio H Studio.

Pritchard has now opened up on the extent of his relationship with Foster, telling Triple J Breakfast that he was writing songs with Foster whilst working on The Kooks’ fourth album, Listen. He said that the two are good friends and when they get together, they spend their time just writing songs.

“We’ve got probably like three or four tunes and they’re pretty cool, we just need to finish them,” the Around Town singer revealed. “There’s not one on the [new] album unfortunately, we just didn’t get around to finishing them.” He went on to call Foster “a big inspiration” for the new album. “He’s like someone I would call and just bounce ideas off… so it was great to then get to work with him.”

Listen is set to drop in August and Pritchard says the new material is an indication of the band’s newfound direction. “I just started doing this kind of percussion based almost hip-hop stuff. I started using beats. I was just doing it for fun and then I played it to the boys and everyone liked it,” he said.

“I wouldn’t say the album’s hip hop, but it’s got this modern way of writing,” he added. “We put the guitars down for a bit, especially in the writing process and we just used a whole different mentality.” Pritchard said that the new songs have given the British indie mainstays a “new lease of life.”

“I feel like in the band we’ve got this new lease of life now. It’s like chapter two, we’re ready to really move on. We’ve opened up a whole new direction, it’s just really fun for us. We even sampled our own crowd for Down. It’s really fun, we’ve never done stuff like that,” the singer concluded.

Watch: Mark Foster & Luke Pritchard – We Can Tell The Truth

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