Harry James Angus, The Man Behind The GWS Theme Song, Is Taking His Big Big Sound On Tour

The man behind the now very popular Giants theme song and vocalist/trumpeter of The Cat Empire, Harry James Angus has announced an East Coast tour. He’ll be taking his new single ‘Flicker’ to Redfern, Mullumbimby, and Melbourne.

Harry James Angus has made headlines this week along with viral Twitter fame. After the GWS Giants made it through to the AFL Grand Final, their theme song —which he wrote— became a meme.

Speaking to Sydney Morning Herald, Angus said, “I’m just happy the song has been accepted as a legit club song.”

“It’s such a weird thing, in a way, to be a trumpet player, to be interested in old-fashioned music, and then suddenly find that some music you’ve made enter into the mainstream of Australian culture in a way that I’ll probably never do with my actual hit songs from my band, if I ever have one again.

“I love that I just kind of wrote it and handballed it to the club and that’s it. It’s their song now. But all these people get to hear my music who probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

“How awesome would it be to hear it sung after a grand final?”

You can have a looksie at Harry James Angus’ tour dates down below. In the meantime, enjoy some of our favourite Big Big Sound memes.

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