The Rolling Stones Prepare Big Announcement ‘Keep Your Eyes Peeled’

It looks like fans of The Rolling Stones can expect big things in the coming day, hours even. For a little while now, Mick, Keith and the rest have been hinting to fans to be vigilant on the group’s Facebook page, suggesting big news to come.

The band has since posted another teaser on their Facebook, this time fans will see an image of a cat’s eyes and the option to download an Android/iPhone app to trigger some sort of function with the image. It’s actually pretty cool, but for those who don’t have the time, the app makes the eyes blink and the text ‘Keep Your Eyes Peeled’ can be seen.

Given that this will be the band’s 50th birthday, there’s a good chance we can expect something huge. A tweet from Mick is hinting towards a new album, but we agree with Triple M when they say a big tour is on the cards…or maybe both?

There have been other talks of their on-again off-again reunion tour, which always had the chance of coming Down Under, though not too much has been confirmed. Surely they wouldn’t tease Australian fans like this though, surely!

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