The Simpsons Release Morrissey Parody Song As An Official Single

Remember last month when The Simpsons created a character that was very savagely likened to Morissey? And remember how Morissey himself and his manager Peter Katsis were very publicly not thrilled by it?

To refresh your memory, in said episode, Lisa became obsessed with a British singer named Quilloughby who fronted a band called The Snuffs. Lisa is attracted to the singer for his sardonic brand of music, as well as his militant veganism.

Later in the episode, Lisa attends the band’s Springfield reunion concert, where it turns out that her beloved Quilloughby is actually a meat-eating, overweight racist.

Katsis’ response came in the form of multiple posts to Morissey’s official Facebook page, where he accused The Simpsons of attempting to “capitalize on cheap controversy and expounding on vicious rumors.” He denied any accusations of racism.

Morissey later responded via his website Morissey Central, particularly noting the accusations of racism, where he said “false theories of race are now the most common (and boring) aspect of all criticism, and will continue to be so until accusations of racism are in themselves illicit.”

To note, Consequence of Sound pointed out otherwise, referencing Morissey’s “pro-English” stance that has seen him publicly show support for an anti-Islamic, right-wing extremist party in the UK.

Now, seemingly in retaliation, or in spite of, the backlash from Morissey and his camp, The Simpsons have gone and officially released Quilloughby’s The Smiths-style parody song. It’s been released to all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Pandora.

Not sure what’s going to unfold from this, but I’m going to go and make some popcorn.

Listen to the track below.

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