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A Simpsons Rave Tour is Coming to Australia in 2023

Shrek Raves might have taken over the nation in recent years, but now it’s been announced that a Simpsons Rave will be touring the country in 2023. The Simpsons Rave kicks off in a matter of days on Saturday, 18th March at the Lansdowne in Sydney, before it picks back up in June and July with dates in all major cities.

Like the Shrek and Spongebob Raves before it, the entire night is dedicated to the famous yellow family, with themed drinks (yes, including the Flaming Moe), singalongs, a donut wall, a best costume comp, and we’re assuming at least 10 renditions of the rock and/or roll classic, ‘In The Garden Of Eden’.

The Simpsons: ‘In The Garden Of Eden’

The Simpsons will wrap up its 34th season in May, with singer Lizzo set to guest star in the episode (she’s a longtime fan). She’s locked in to perform a song called ‘It Was Marge, Bitch’. “The bitch in question is Homer,” explained executive producer Tim Long to Entertainment Weekly. “I can’t give you too much context without giving you too much story, but it is really in her wheelhouse — and she sang the hell out of it.”

It’ll possibly be less controversial than The Simpsons’ depiction of Morrissey, which saw the real-life British singer lash out at the show’s portrayal of him in the 2021 episode Panic On The Streets Of Springfield. In the episode, a character called Quilloughby – based on Morrissey and voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch – turns from a young, sensitive, vegan heartthrob into a racist carnivore.

Simpsons Rave Australia 2023

  • Saturday, 18th March – The Lansdowne, Sydney
  • Saturday, 3rd June – Rhino Room, Adelaide
  • Friday, 9th June – Kickons, Brisbane
  • Saturday, 24th June– The Court, Perth
  • Saturday, 8th July – Max Watts, Melbourne
  • Saturday, 29th July – High Altar, Hobart

Tickets to all events are on sale now via the Simpsons Rave website.

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