The Summer Set Drop Out Of Warped Tour Brisbane

Vans Warped Tour Australia promoter AJ Maddah has revealed via Twitter that Arizona pop rock five-piece The Summer Set, who were slated to play all dates of the returning festival, have dropped out of the Brisbane leg of the event, joining the tour “from Coffs Harbour onwards”.

“Sadly [The Summer Set] will not make it to Brisbane [Warped Tour Australia]. They will join the tour from Coffs Harbour onwards,” tweeted AJ, with the missive quickly receiving condolences from several disappointed fans, who queried the promoter to see what consolations would be arranged.

“I totally understand the reason for this as they have landed an opportunity that is massive for them and very important to their career,” explained Maddah, before telling fans that the band’s Brisbane spot will either be replaced by another local act “or longer sets for other bands.”

Maddah followed up by saying that he would “make a decision today” and that there are no ill-feelings between the band, Soundwave Touring or himself, saying “look, we have a contract and we could have enforces (sic) it, but it would be an asshole move against a young band trying their best.”

“It is better to support them and be understanding!” concluded the touring mogul, in the latest of his ‘Good Guy AJ’ moves. Stay tuned to Music Feeds and we’ll keep you up to date with this story as it develops. Follow all Warped Tour Australia 2013 news at our special Feed right here.

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