The Troubadour will reopen as Black Bear Lodge

The Troubadour, which closed in November, is set to reopen its doors under the new name Black Bear Lodge.

Black Bear Lodge, as the space will now be known, is expected to operate as a day and night free-entry music bar.

The venue will no longer feature bands on the Troubadour stage, however the new management will showcase solo artists in the front room, which will include an upright piano.

The venue has also been renovated with a longer bar as well as removing the kitchen to create extra ventilation provided by three large windows at the back of the property.

Ms Scanlon told the Brisbane Times she decided on the concept after co-owner Jamie Trevaskis withdrew his involvement.

“It’s basically in respect to Jamie, because he was such a big part of The Troubadour. It is really important to not just reopen a room and say ‘we’re the new Troubadour’,” she said.

“The Troubadour was amazing and it was really special to me and was really special to him and I don’t think we should be trying to recreate that.

“In doing that I am trying to balance supporting the live music scene and keeping it free entry and trying to respect the space as the old Troubadour but trying to open as a new space that people can come into and hang out.”

“It created a community within the music scene of people just coming in and hanging out,” she said.

“Some of the best times we had were actually after the bands finished and people were just hanging out until one or two in the morning and just drinking, socialising and having fun.

“There a few venues that have opened up like Woodlands and x&y, as well as Ric’s, but a lot of people that used to go to the Troubadour say that haven is gone.

“We’re trying to open back up and create that community and vibe again in that space.”

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