The Vaccines Reveal ‘Coming Of Age’ Artwork And Tracklisting

The Vaccines have made public the cover art (pictured above) and tracklisting of their sophomore record Coming of Age, scheduled for release September 3, 2012. It was way back in January when Music Feeds first got word of the upcoming LP, reporting at the time that the band had managed to secure Kings of Leon/Ryan Adams producer Ethan Johns.

At that time The Vaccines were in Australia for the Big Day Out 2012 before retuning home to presumably put the finishing touches on their follow-up to their platinum-selling debut album What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?.

While being interviewed by NME about Coming of Age, vocalist Justin Young explained that his band has attempted to create a record that differs from the first but still retains the qualities that attracted fans to begin with.

“I don’t think there’s any danger of us making the same record twice. But I think anything people found attractive about us the first time round has been retained. I’m really confident we’ve got the balance right”, Young said.

“I wanted to look inwards with this record. Honesty goes a long way in music and it’s therapeutic. There’s a lot about the way I’m feeling. One minute you’re a shit-kicking 21-year-old and the next you’re playing a song you’ve written in front of 20,000 people chanting your name. But that’s tongue-in-cheek too; it’s not me taking myself completely seriously”, he said.

The Vaccines – Come Of Age – Tracklisting

‘No Hope’

‘I Always Knew’

‘Teenage Icon’

‘All In Vain’

‘Ghost Town’

‘Aftershave Ocean’


‘Bad Mood’

‘Change Of Heart pt.2.’

‘I Wish I Was A Girl’

‘Lonely World’

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