The Vaccines Reveal Plans For Second Album This Year

British indie group The Vaccines have announced the details for a long-awaited second album. They’ll be heading into the studio this March to record the album with Ryan Adams/Kings Of Leon producer Ethan Johns.

They’re currently out in Australia on the Big Day Out 2012 tour, and frontman Justin Young spoke to NME about the plans for the new release.

“It’s mostly written and we’re going into the studio in Belgium in March to start recording so it’ll definitely be out this year, without a doubt. We’ve definitely got six songs written that we all want to be on the record, but there’s tonnes of other new songs and we’re actually going into the studio out in Australia to work on ideas. I think we’re in a good place with it and it’s quite exciting.”

“The reason we wanted to work with Ethan is not because he’s a hit manufacturer, but he’s a real songs man. If you listen to the records he’s made, there’s a real warmth there, all his albums are simple, but really well crafted and it feels like they really breathe. Our first record is quite linear, so it’d be nice to have something that breathes a bit more and with a bit more warmth and maturity, but that still sounds like us.”

This will be the follow up to their successful debut album What Did You Expect From The Vaccines.

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