The Veronicas Hit Out At Celebrity Apprentice, Accuse Show Of Selective Editing

By now you’ve probably at least heard about the new season of Celebrity Apprentice currently airing on Channel Nine. There’s been some ~*drama*~.

Just yesterday, footage of The Veronicas aired showing the two sisters in the middle of what appeared to be a bit of a spat, however they later took to their social media to insist that what was aired was actually a cleverly doctored case of selective editing.

“We can’t believe we might actually need to preface this, but reality TV is highly edited out of ‘context’ to amplify drama and narrative that suits the agenda,” they wrote on their joint-Instagram story.

“Please use common sense and understand this is obviously not a transparent show — it’s game show entertainment. The only ‘business’ in this show is the business of entertainment and drama. And because of that, a charity made 180k last night, which is the whole point here.”

Today, the sisters have pushed their criticism of the show’s editing a step further by publicly calling the show out on Twitter.

“Why are you not airing any of our wins & strategy for each task, only using the scripted drama you GAVE us as the only airtime /promo?” They wrote on the social media platform.

“Where’s all the footage where we pull through for our team /and for our charity? Why is all of that being edited out?”

Fans in the comments were quick to support the sisters, including Kira Puru, who wrote “give our girls the bad edit and we are gonna be out for blood.”

In other exciting Veronicas’ news, the pair are gearing up two release two monster albums — GODZILLA and HUMANS — in the coming weeks.

Read their post below.

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