The Veronicas Share Tweets From Passengers On Qantas Flight

The Veronicas have taken to Twitter to share compiled tweets and statements regarding their experience with Qantas last Sunday.

A fair bit has been shared between then and now. To bring you up to speed, basically the twins were kicked off of a domestic Qantas flight on Sunday, allegedly for refusing to follow cabin crew’s instructions. But they’ve said that’s not how it happened.

For more context, head here, then here.

ANYWAY. So, now this morning they’ve shared more. In an initial statement the twins said, “We wish to remove ourselves from this awful experience. We have lasted 15 years in our industry because we have always stood up for what we believe in and who we are. To have an airline we have been loyal customers to and ambassadors for, for over 15 years, withhold communication, overextend the use of public resources and allow a false narrative to continue on a public level has been a particularly hard pill to swallow.”

They go on to say that they have 16.33 minutes of footage of the 20 minute incident. They say they never raised their voices, used profanities, or became argumentative.

“The male flight attendant immediately announced he was “calling security” on us after requesting for the names of who we were speaking with,” they stated, alongside ASIC’s ID Display regulation.

They say the flight attendant said to them, “if you wouldn’t mind coming with me now”. To which they replied, “we are within our rights to be on this flight”. They say the pilot deemed them a security risk via the overhead, but say that they weren’t personally approached, before the Australian Federal Police escorted them off of the plane.

They then shared the following statements and tweets from people who were allegedly on the flight.

Closing up, they say that they want their younger fans especially to know they can always stick up for themselves. Announcing that they’ll be making a donation to Bully Zero, an anti-bullying charity.

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