“This Is A Legal Matter, Not A Publicity Stunt”: The Veronicas’ Take To ‘The Project’ To Explain Qantas Flight Incident

Last night, The Veronicas dropped by Channel 10’s The Project to talk about that plane fiasco that went down on Sunday, and it was… pretty awks to watch.

To catch you up to speed, the sisters were removed from a domestic Qantas flight on Sunday for allegedly failing to comply with the cabin crew’s instructions.

Lisa and Jess Origliasso posted the ordeal to social media on Sunday, detailing that they were escorted off the Qantas flight from Brisbane to Sydney due to a dispute with staff about their overhead baggage. Qantas confirmed in a statement that police were called to “offload” two passengers for refusing to follow the crew’s instructions.

In a pre-recorded interview for The Project that aired last night, the sisters claimed that they still have not been given a reason as to why they were removed from the flight.

“The Federal Police and Qantas were unable to give us a reason why,” Jess said. “So, we’ve contacted Qantas four times now and we still don’t have a reason why we were removed from the flight.”

Lisa then explained their side of the story again, in detail.

“I stowed my luggage in the overhead, we sat down. There was a flight attendant who requested that we adjust the bag.”

“I asked her to assist me because I couldn’t reach the overhead. She told us that it was not company policy and that she could not touch the bag and she walked away and the gentleman behind us offered to help.”

Jess added, “After the female flight attendant left, a supervisor and herself came back and were having a very defensive conversation with us about company policy. At that point, Lisa and I asked for their names because we were unable to see, on their identification tag, the names. They refused to give their names and at that point, they told us they were calling security.”

This is where the interaction starts to get a bit awkward.

The sisters repeat that they asked for the staff members names, which they weren’t given. This was the moment that they began filming the interaction, to which Waleed Aly asked if they were asked to stop at any time. Both sisters said no.

Qantas reportedly contacted the show and said that the sisters were “definitely” asked to stop filming, but did not, and they were then removed. Aly stated that it’s a federal crime to disobey cabin crew’s instructions.

Host Tommy Little then asked the pair if the publicised incident might have something to do with the MTV reality show the sisters are about to star in, insinuating that the whole thing may be a PR stunt.

“This is a legal matter, not a publicity stunt,” says Jess. Lisa then added, “I don’t think it helps at all.”

Aly asked the pair if they’d be willing to share the unedited footage originally filmed by them, as the video that’s been distributed is a pre-packaged clip.

“We actually can’t do that, because it’s a legal matter now,” Jess answered.

Aly countered that the footage that already exists is being sent around, and questioned why the unedited version couldn’t be revealed.

It’s unclear unsure whether the connection line was glitching out for a second, or if the sisters didn’t hear what he had asked, but after repeating himself, they said that they would “absolutely” send the full footage on it if didn’t impact their legal action.

At the end of the segment, Aly said that the duo’s management said that they would not be sending the full footage on.

Wild. You can watch the full interview via 10Daily.

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