The XX Share New Album Update & Playlist Of Their Fave Studio Tunes

The xx have taken to social media to share an update from the studio, plus a playlist of tunes they’ve been listening to while working on their long-awaited third album.

“It’s been a while but you’ve been on our minds,” the band say in a hand-written note they’ve posted to social media. “We are in the studio working on our third album, it feels good to be together making music.”

While we have no update as to when to expect the album, the British trio are playing a select few dates next month where they “will be testing out some of our new songs in places we don’t get to go to so often”, by which they mean Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia and Japan (and unfortunately not Australia).

We do have a slight clue as to what to direction they’re heading in with this new album, as the group have shared a playlist of songs they’ve been blasting in their studio. The playlist includes 2016 records by the likes of Solange, Sampha and Radiohead, plus vintage Aretha Franklin, Velvet Underground and Tears For Fears.

The xx released their last record Coexist back in 2012. Since then, Jamie xx has released a solo album, 2015’s In Colour, which featured the trio’s Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim.

Check out the playlist alongside the band’s latest social media posts below, and cross your fingers that it won’t be too long before we’re replacing the playlist with a new xx record.

Listen: The xx Studio Playlist

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