Thelma Plum & Briggs Call Out Another ‘Deadshit’ In Blackface

Outspoken hip hop artist Briggs has called out yet another incidence of a white person dressing up to imitate an Indigenous Australian in an offensive manner, and this time he was joined by fellow musician Thelma Plum.

Former Manly Marlins rugby player and current member of French team Bordeaux Begles Fabian Natoli posted a photo to his Instagram account this morning, depicting himself with deadlocks, face and body paint, and holding a jerry petrol can.

“Every now and then you just need to culturally enrich yourself and get in touch with the dreamtime #nookstock,” said Natoli – who has since made his Instagram account private.

Briggs, who has become increasingly known for calling out incredibly offensive instances such as this – reposted the image and tweeted “What did I tell you about white dudes with dreadlocks? Gronk.”

Then, apparently absolutely exhausted from trying to explain over and over again why this sort of things is so freaking far from being an acceptable practice, he simply tweeted “pls refer to last months and the month before that’s quote on Blackface & Racism in Australia.”

Fellow Indigenous artist Thelma Plum weighed in as well – in a now deleted post that read “DEAD SHIT OF THE DAY GOES TO THE WHITE GUY WITH THE DREDS.”


Natoli offered an apology to Plum for the “funny photo,” after which another musician – Aussie rapper Nooky; pointed out that this was far from the first time that Natoli had posted some outrageously racist stuff on his insta.

“Fuckhead! Every 3 months chap,” said Nooky in his Facebook post.

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