There’s A 12 Year-Old DJ Playing Club Shows In Italy And He’s Really Good

When you were 12 mixing was probably as much as turning down the volume on one song and then turning it back up again when the next song came on but there’s a 12 year-old DJ who is legitimately very good and it’s freaking us out a little bit.

Federico Gardenghi is from Milan and he’s quickly gaining traction in the country. Not because he’s some viral sensation but because he’s a genuine talent who is starting to be booked on lineups for club shows and parties.

His Facebook is full of videos of him playing shows, laying down obscure house and techno, rather than picking through radio hits like most 12 year-olds.

He’s also got all the moves down from throwing his hands in the air to that head bop that all DJs must develop to show that they’re really loving the music.

Gardenghi is already gaining the respect of the electronic industry too, playing with legendary DJ and producer Carl Cox.

Gardenghi is just the latest piece of evidence proving that kids are now far more developed than they ever were. Australia is also the home to 12 year-old DJ Black Summer who boasts fans like Flume and Nina Las Vegas and is already producing monstrous bangers.

Watch him tear down a club below with his pulsating beats.

Watch: Federico Gardenghi At Afrobar

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