Watch Fatboy Slim’s 10-year-old daughter play a DJ set under ‘Fat Girl Slim’

Bow down, fellow music lovers, as we’re seeing the rise of a new musical dynasty. Behold, as Fatboy Slim‘s daughter has performed a 50 minute DJ set under the name ‘Fat Girl Slim’.

In Fat We Trust.

Yes, ‘Fat Slim Girl’, otherwise known as Nelly Cook, took to the decks for Camp Bestival’s Stay at Home Easter Sleepover last weekend, as reported by Consequence Of Sound.

It’s truly a thing to behold. Nelly kills it, and her father, Fatboy Slim aka Quentin Cook, steps in occasionally to help her out.

However, Quentin still is a middle aged white father so it is in his nature to embarrass his daughter and he does this by dancing in the background wearing a variety of masks. Nelly plays it cool, giving a standard eye roll and kicking him out of frame. Respect.

Unfortunately, we have no word yet on when Fat Girl Slim will be making her Australian debut, but Fatboy Slim was here back in January when he played the Australian Open. You know, back when concerts were legal and not posing a risk to the health of millions. Those were the days.

Watch Fat Girl Slim’s full set here.

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