This Guy Got Blink-182 To Design His Tattoo, While Visiting The Empire State Building

If say, hypothetically, you were going to ask one of the members of Blink-182 to design a tattoo for you, surely the obvious choice would be Travis Barker.

When New York Post writer Mike Hollan met the band atop the Empire State Building last week for an interview, he asked them to draw anything on his arm, which he would then go and get tattooed if he liked it enough.

The band were pretty excited to help, and Mark Hoppus immediately suggested, “Matt (Skiba) is a great drawer.” Skiba, the second-most tattooed member of the band, then took the pen and consciously ignoring Hoppus’ idea of “a stick figure eating a hot dog” drew a sketch of the Chrysler building, including the Blink-182 smiley face above it.

Hollan then headed to a local tattoo parlour and had the design inked permanently, and it looks pretty bangin!

Watch the whole thing below.

You can stream Blink-182’s 7th album California now.

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