This Guy Just Wrote “Every Mumford And Sons Song Basically”

Watching YouTube user Dion Beary’s new video, you may begin to wonder which Mumford and Sons track he’s attempting to cover. The answer is all of them. Beary’s own original composition is called Every Mumford and Sons Song Basically, and as readers can see below, the title is way accurate.

Beary has painstakingly distilled the Mumford and Sons formula, which “basically” involves slow, hushed vocals juxtaposed against harsh sing-shouting, laid down on a soundbed of crescendoing guitar strumming, with lyrics that talk of girls who once left you “Sad and blue and you and tube and boob“.

Much as we love the UK folk outfit, who announced a hiatus in September of last year, after viewing Beary’s spot-on clip, even the most-diehard Mumford and Sons fan will find themselves thinking, “Wow, he’s right.” But hey, even if the group’s songs are formulaic, it’s certainly a winning formula.

Watch: Every Mumford & Sons Song Basically

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