This Is How Long Soundwave Bands Will Play

Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah has shed light on how long fans can expect to enjoy with their favourite lineup acts next year. Writing via his beloved Twitter channel, the promoter says it will be “90 to 100 mins for headliners. 70 mins for top bands. 60 mins for middle bands. 40 mins for small/new bands.”

Maddah had previously told fans that the festival’s much-talked-about switch to a two-day format in 2015 will not only minimise clashes and allow for better staging, but stressed that as a result of spreading the festival’s famously packed lineup over two days, bands will be able to have longer set times.

“Putting the line-up across [two] days enables us to minimise clashes; give bands longer sets, better staging, production and infrastructure. I am also hoping that this will give fans better value for money and a less stressful day,” said the promoter. Madah has indicated that each day will feature just five stages.

Maddah has said the new format was motivated by the fact that he was often not able to accommodate bands who wished to play under darkness in previous years. “In recent years we have lost great bands over too many bands wanting to play after dark. This new set-up also gives us twice the dark!”

Though there are still 14 more bands to be added to the lineup as part of a second announcement, Maddah has told followers that the timetables for 2015 festival are “already done” and will be released along with the supplementary announcement. Readers can get all the latest timetable details here.

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