This Is The Only Way To Sing Sia’s ‘Chandelier’

It seems even Sia herself can still learn a thing or two from…herself. An amusing, yet very informative, video called How to Sing Chandelier by Sia video has been doing the social media rounds, with even the Australian chanteuse noting, “I love this person. I just learned SO MUCH.”

What makes this clip so special? Well, the video comes via “professional voice finder” Felicia ‘Fel’ Ricci who, rather than simply teaching you to sing the song karaoke-style, employs her “trademark weird vowel modifications” to really help you replicate Sia’s signature vocal sound.

For example, a line-by-line breakdown translates lyrics such as “Party girls don’t get hurt / Can’t feel anything, when will I learn“, to “pwahtee guhls dohnngehurt / kehnfel ehnethen wen woolite luhn“. Even the simple line “1, 2, 3, drink” is modified into a more Sia-esque “wantoo t(h)ree dreen”. It’s what you’re all singing anyway, right?

“Sia has a really unique way of expressing these words … She doesn’t really close off her words,” Fel explains in the video, “She has a healthy rasp that she brings into her sound and her styling.”

So clear out your lungs, warm up your throat and get ready to belt ’em out like Sia. Check out the video below.

Watch: How to Sing Chandelier by Sia

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