This Is What Blink-182 Look Like, Now All The Fighting Has Stopped

Blink-182 seem to be steaming ahead without their founding guitarist and recent space alien communicator, Tom DeLonge, evidenced by the release of their first promo shot with stand-in axeman, Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio, overnight.

Bassist Mark Hoppus uploaded the new pic to his personal Instagram account, with no description, save for a photo credit.

But it seems like the recent verbal fisticuffs between Blink’s founding sons has at least started to simmer down, with drummer Travis Barker claiming in a recent interview with Yahoo! that he is “in no way, shape or form” mad at DeLonge, but rather just wishes that “he would own up to not wanting to be in the band and go do his other stuff”.

“After my plane crash [in 2008] and everything, I made a promise to myself not to deal with bullshit,” the beatman continued. “Life’s too short, man. We’re all healthy, we’re fortunate enough to play in a band that’s adored by millions, and if you’re going to take that for granted or shit on it, do your own thing.”

To boot, DeLonge has also come out, proclaiming via Twitter that he could he could “never dislike” Mark Hoppus. The guitarist states that Hoppus spent “too many years as my closest friend” and adds, “I want him to be happy”. There was conspicuously no mention of Barker in the tweet.

The sentiments seem to signal a cooling of tensions between at least some of the members of the Blink-182 love triangle. But if we try to sum up the recent state of affairs, it does sound a bit like some Days Of Our Lives shit.

Tom still loves Mark and Travis isn’t angry at Tom anymore, but we’re yet to find out whether Mark is still pissed at Tom or if Tom is still grudging hard against Travis. Stay tuned for the next episode of Blink and the Beautiful. Or should that be The Naked and the Restless?

Either way, on a more, uh, musical note, Tom DeLonge has just released the debut track from his upcoming solo album, To The Stars, which you can check out here, while Blink-182 and Matt Skiba are hard at work with band prac, getting ready for their upcoming gig at the US Musink festival later this month.

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