This Scuzzy, Lo-Fi Cover Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ By Drenge Is Something Else

If you’re one of the 0.01% of the world’s population yet to be swayed over to #TeamSwift, firstly what’s wrong with you and why do you hate joy, and secondly, we think this woozy AF cover of Bad Blood by UK post-grunge outfit Drenge will finally convince you of the way of the Tay.

The duo, who were in the country last year for 2014’s Laneway festival, have laid down this rip-snorter of a cover for BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac and the song has now been uploaded to Soundcloud for your most headbanging-est Taylor Swift experience of all time.

I ~almost~ prefer this cover to the original version. The escalating guitar lines and punchy percussion suit the vengeance anthem to a T. Give the explosive rendition of the song a spin below and remember that bandaids don’t fix bullet holes. Well, a really big one might?

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