This Year’s Splendour Arts & Crafts Program Includes A Giant Tribute To The Rock

Splendour In The Grass have announced their Splendour Arts and Splendour In The Craft programs for this year’s festival, with a bevy of cool stuff you can awe at or create yourself while taking a breather from the music.

The 2019 Splendour Arts program includes, among other things, a 32-foot tall tribute sculpture of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson courtesy of Cool Shit, the people who brought Happy Kanye and Snoop Dog Hot Doggs to the festival in previous years. It’s (very cleverly) titled The Rock Rock.

Other highlights on display include an interactive installation called Hiromi Hotel: Brain Flower by Japanese artist Hiromi Tango and a selfie-centric project called Face Off by Laith Mcgregor.

Over on the crafts side of things, there are a range of workshops running throughout the festival, including DIY funglasses and scrunchy-making workshops led by Patience Hodgson from The Grates. Venture into other workshops and you’ll come away with your own tote bag, a milk bottle lantern, and who knows what else.

Elsewhere, you can cop a free cuppa by the craft tent daily, with Your Eyes Are Like A Cup Of Tea and Citylights Project presenting a teahouse with a “very special tea ceremony.”

And returning to Splendour in 2019 comes ‘We’re All Going To Die’ from Craft Mafia. Using conversation cards, the space is a phone-free area that prompts strangers to have conversations with one another around life, fear, and getting to know yourself.

Check out the full arts and crafts programs for Splendour In The Grass below.


Splendour Arts 2019

Hiromi Hotel: Brain Flower

Hiromi Tango

The Bells


The Rock Rock

Cool Shit

Face Off

Laith Mcgregor

Gateway 3

Sam Songailo


Lee McConnell

Mirror Palace

Andy Forbes

Splendour In The Craft 2019

Night Lights with AMAC

T-Shirt re-hash with Beci Orpin

DIY Funglasses with Patience from The Grates

Roller Derby Essential Oil Rollers with Byron Bay Bath Bombs

Calling All Badgers with Beci Orpin

Charms for the Charming with Each to Own

Totes Totes! with Art Park

Scrunch Punk Scrunchies with Patience from The Grates

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