This Young Aussie Band’s Interactive Music Video Will Blow Your Mind

South Australian indie pop band Alpha Beta Fox have put out an interactive music video, for track Something / Nothing, that will knock your socks off, and possibly even your shoes if you’re into that kinda’ thing.

The video, which you can access here, begins outside a stonewall floating in space. There’s a door through which you’ll see a sly model fox darting from side-to-side, peaking your curiosity to enter. Once you do get ready for a “Javascript/WebGL/3D programming tour de force”, as the band puts it on their official Facebook page.

What waits within is a universe of dancing stick figures, spaceships, Conway’s Game of Life, tesseracts and landscapes, all set to the sounds of Alpha Beta Fox’s new single. We don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say there’s a moment where you can be a real-time music video editor.

The video is the work of Alpha Beta Fox’s mate James Reid. For the pricey sum of a meal at Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant, Reid pieced together the clip over a couple of months. The band said the various concepts came from whatever Reid happened to be reading about as he worked on the clip.

“[Reid] was reading about tesseracts, then thought why not put it in the video, with people dancing around it in space,” singer Tanya Giobbi informed Music Feeds. “We thought it was pretty awesome.”

If by the end of the adventure your grip on reality hasn’t become too slippery, we suggest you check out the Something / Nothing About page, where the various parts of the interactive experience are explained.

Now come on, what are you waiting for. This is one psychedelic experience that is way easier than foraging for shrooms. You can dip your toes in Alpha Beta Fox’s Something / Nothing below before jumping in the deep end.

Listen: Alpha Beta Fox – Something / Nothing

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