Thy Art Is Murder Call Out Airport Workers Over Damaged Guitars

Aussie deathcore crew Thy Art Is Murder have called out airport workers in the US, after “close to ten grand worth of guitars” were damaged on a recent flight.

Taking to Twitter, the band have slammed the the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), while sharing photos of their damaged equipment.

“Hey TSA it was awfully nice of you to royally fuck up close to ten grand worth of guitars, you even dated a nice note for us,” they write.

“These guitars were carefully packed into a foam fitted flight case but your staff saw fit to remove them and then damage them. Why?”

In a statement to Music Feeds, Thy Art Is Murder’s Andrew Marsh says:

“So basically, our guitars fly in these aircraft aluminum foam fitted flight cases and the TSA has made a good go of fucking them all up over the years, but this time someone has deliberately removed the guitars from the case and damaged the finish on them, then tried to put the cases back together.

“The guitars were my very rare Ibanez Mirror Jem BRMR, which was used for all the leads on Dear Desolation, Kevin’s one of a kind Custom Shop Musicman Stingray bass, Sean’s Prestige Ibanez RG used on TWKA, and my Musicman BFR JP7. To be fair, in Aussie dollars, it’s more like $20,000 worth of guitars they fucked up.”

TSA later responded to the band’s tweets, asking them to send further details in a private message.

Thy Art recently wrapped up a US tour, which was marred by a scandal which saw their co-headline act Decapitated miss much of the tour after being accused of gang rape and kidnapping.

Thy Art Is Murder will embark on a European tour tomorrow, before returning to Australia to play around the country on a headline tour early next year.

View photos of the band’s damaged guitars, below.

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