TNA Producer Billy Corgan Speaks Out Against Misogyny In Wrestling

In case you hadn’t heard, in addition to his gig fronting The Smashing Pumpkins, singer Billy Corgan is also a full-time producer over at sports entertainment federation, TNA Wrestling.

The Corgenator was appointed Senior Producer at TNA in April of last year, and has since been busy creating storylines and developing characters for their weekly iMPACT! Wresting series.

Now, in a recent interview with TMZ, Corgan has hit out at some of the misogyny he believes is evident in professional wrestling.

And yeah. As anyone who’s actually watched TNA, WWE or their like knows full well – when it comes to female athletes, the focus is far more often on their – uh – assets than their actual skills in the ring.


Just look at those puppies, JR!

But Corgan has used the example of UFC martial artist Ronda Rousey to show that wrestling is “behind the curve” in its sexist portrayal of female athletes.

“The rise of Ronda Rousey shows that wrestling is behind the curve in marketing women in a different way,” Corgs told TMZ.

“There’s a whole new way of portraying women in wrestling in the future, to get away from the typical misogynist stuff, something tougher and cool. [Rousey] embodies something that is smart, sexy and tough.”



And thankfully, as a senior producer, Corgan is in a position to effect some real changes.

At the time he signed up for the gig with TNA, he said: “I’m fully committed to using my 30 years of entertainment experience, along with my deep-rooted passion for pro wrestling, to take on the thrilling challenge of creatively contributing to Impact Wrestling, finding and developing new talent, and working eye-to-eye with the best-of-the-best. For as cultures currently evolve at great speed, so must pro wrestling meet and supersede such expectations to thrive.”

Guess that means we won’t be seeing any bra & panties matches at TNA on Corgan’s watch.

While Aussies can no longer watch TNA’s Impact Series via pay-per-view channel Main Event, fans can still check out Billy Corgan’s storylines in action via the wrestling federation’s YouTube Channel (and no doubt other crafty internet-related methods).

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