Tom DeLonge Says “Of Course” He’ll Play With Blink-182 Again When The Time Is Right

Founding Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge says he’ll “of course” play with the pop-punk icons again in the future,

The singer/guitarist spoke about reuniting with his old band, which he departed in 2015, in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

Though the interview is primarily about the Pentagon recently releasing three UFO videos originally shared by DeLonge’s To the Stars Academy organisation, DeLonge was asked about a recent Instagram post he shared that saw him reflect on the band.

“I started [Blink-182] when I was 16, and it has been such a wonderful blessing throughout my entire life. I am so lucky to have had this, even when I’ve desired to tackle different artistic projects and challenges; and also some ambitious humanitarian work through [To the Stars Academy],” wrote DeLonge in the post late last month.

“It has given me every opportunity I have ever had, and gifted me some legendary friendships that I still have to this very day,” he added, tagging former bandmates Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker.

When asked about the post in the interview, DeLonge commented that he was “going through old photos” and “just felt like it”.

“You know, I talk to Mark and Travis every so often. I just talked to Mark the other day, and I talk to Travis about every week or two. And you know, I was feeling a little sentimental, but there’s no hidden message there or anything,” DeLonge said.

Everyone wants to know, “Are you guys gonna play again?” Yeah, of course we are. We just gotta figure out the timing, how it works for everybody.”

DeLonge acknowledged that he has a slew of other projects to attend to – his band Angels and Airwaves, who are apparently “getting ready to put out the best record” they’ve ever made, films in the work, and To the Stars academy.

“So I have all these priorities I’m responsible for, and I can’t just stop and go do a Blink 182 tour because it sounds fun. It’s a big thing. I gotta make time for it. So it’s kind of like, “How do we plan it a year or two in advance?””

After disbanding in 2005, Blink reformed with the lineup of DeLonge/Hoppus/Barker back in 2009, releasing one album together (2011’s Neighborhoods). In 2015, DeLonge left the band to pursue his other projects, and was replaced by Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba. The most recent iteration of the band have released two albums – California in 2016 and last year’s Nine.

Throughout that time, there’s been many rumours about DeLonge reuniting with his former bandmates. Last year, DeLonge made similar comments as above in an interview with Kerrang. However, in June of last year, Hoppus called reunion rumours “completely unfounded” in an interview with US radio station KROQ-FM.

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