Tones And I Reveals She’s Playing The Halftime Show At A Lakers Game This Year

This morning Tones and I joined Ben and Liam on their new Nova breakfast show. The ‘Dance Monkey’ singer revealed a bunch of news to the boys. One of the biggest tidbits though, was that she’s been asked to perform at halftime at the Lakers V Warriors game in a couple of months.

Chatting about the NBA, Tones and I tells Ben and Liam she’s been getting into the league, now she’s travelling to the US so often.

Tones tells them, “No one knows this, but I just got told that on 14 April I’m playing the half time show at Lakers games at Lakers V Warriors, it’s a big game apparently so I need to follow this a little closer.”

Tones and I also revealed that new music is on its way. “I think there will be a song in the next two weeks and then randomly another song the week after,” she said.

While she was chatting with the pair, she told them about an LA party she went to and ditched for Uber Eats and Netflix. She said the party inspired a new song, ‘You’re So Cool’. It’s not one of the two set to come out soon though.

Tones and I also got to meet Khalid at the ARIA Awards. “I had secret lunch, we talked probably about music and stuff for about half an hour and the rest, we were just like, his friend and my friends we were just talking the whole time, got along, we didn’t want to get a photo,” she said.

“We’ve made plans to maybe meet up and meet his dog and see if anything happens in the studio. It wasn’t a social media thing it was just a really nice time, he’s a great person, it was a spin out.”

On top of all of that, she also revealed she has plans to organise a school tour to promote an anti-bullying message and give her younger fans a chance to see her. The school tour will run alongside a national tour that she’s announcing next week.

“I don’t know, it’s a tough thing. What I need to do is be so thankful, that like the way people have taken my music on board, I mean there is no arguing with the streaming so I’ve gotta say thank you so much. Then I’ve got to be thankful because of that I have a fan base that I can release music to that want to hear what I have to do, inspired by me or not, or love to love me, love to hate me, either way, and can just be humbled by that.

I want to do this whole big anti bulling tour, so I’ll be back for a tour soon which I will announce next week and then during the night times I will be playing my shows, like you’re your normal tour shows, during the day times I’m going around to high schools to play there, we are just doing it free of charge and we haven’t announced that yet,” said Tones and I.

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