Tool “Grinding Away” Four Days A Week On Forthcoming Album

Tool are continuing to torturously drip-feed us with updates on their mythical forthcoming album. Over the weekend, another drip dropped once again invigorating our hope and suggesting that progress is happening at an agreeable pace.

In the latest official Tool newsletter uploaded to the band’s website, the webmaster has explained in detail a fairly bro-mantic weekend spent with Tool drummer Danny Carey. During their time together, Carey offered up very little information on the release, but over an Italian lunch, he responded “Good!” when asked “casually asked about the status of the new album.”

As the story goes, “He added that they were very close to knocking out another tune, and that as soon as it was finished, they would send a recording of it to Maynard [James Keenan]. When I asked if this was the song with the REALLY unique time signatures, he told me that they had already finished the music on that one.”

To be fair, the webmaster is the first to notice that this isn’t exactly “stop the press news,” adding that he knows the band have been spending 4-days a week chipping away at the record and will be getting “back at it later in the week.” But there was something else…

“Danny did mention the possibility of something happening after the record was released, but that this was definitely NOT a sure thing at this point. Since this involves something that may or may not even happen, I won’t (in fact, can’t) expand on it – only to say that: if it does happen, now that would be stop the press news!”

So far, other than that we only know that the shortest song on the record is 12-minutes, that Guns N’ Roses associate Chris Pitman has been involved, and that the band seem pretty stoked on what they’ve done so far.

So, really, we don’t know shit and no doubt that’s all part of the plan.

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