This Tool & Taylor Swift Mashup Will Make Your Brain Hurt

We’ve seen our fair share of weird musical mashups, but a new part-Tool and part-Taylor Swift creation called Tooler Swift is messing with our freakin’ heads.

Its creator, DJ Cummerbund — who you might remember from that weirdly emotional mashup of artists like Adele, Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots — says Tooler Swift‘s combination of Tool’s ‘Schism’ and Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is “a match made in heaven”.

So, why did DJ Cummerbund decide to put Tool and Tay together in the first place?

“When I first heard my friend Taylor’s new song, it immediately reminded me of Tool — one of my favourite bands,” the mashup artist tells Music Feeds.

“I studied and meditated on the lyrics for ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, and I noticed the similarity in tone and message with ‘Schism’, and I just had to experience them spiritually as one symbiotic entity.

“Upon exploration, I found it challenging to combine the two songs from a technical perspective, with the meter changes and timbre differences.

“But just as I feel I’m at the end of my wit, I studied and prayed to the A minor scale — in its various forms — and it led me to understand the fluid dichotomy of the two songs and ultimately birth my creation.”

As for any Tool or Taylor Swift fans who might not like the Frankenstein’s monster that is Tooler Swift, DJ Cummerbund says, “I would tell them that I worked really hard on this and I would really appreciate it if they said they liked it and didn’t say anything bad about it, as I find it hurtful and it makes me very upset.”

Well, you heard him.

Watch ‘Tooler Swift’ below, if you dare.

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