Top 5 ’90s Kids TV Shows With Ivan Ooze

Melbourne indie rapper Ivan Ooze takes his ’90s nostalgia pretty fucking seriously. Taking his stage name from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers villain who was birthed from an evil egg in the timeless 1995 filmic masterpiece, Ooze, aka Ben Townsend, definitely knows which decade was all-time.

Currently supporting Seth Sentry’s ridiculously huge Aussie tour, we got Ooze to use his downtime wisely and run us through his 5 favourite kids shows from the golden era.



Who loves Orange Soda?! I do, I do, I do oo oooooo. I used to watch Kenan & Kel every Saturday night on Snick (Nickelodeon) with my dad. Kenan & Kel were the most hilarious child stars ever, I reckon they probably moulded my personality to what it is today and many thanks to them for it. If you have a spare minute watch an episode, you won’t be disappointed!



This used to play on the disney channel with so many marathons because it was so funny. I mean Shia LaBeouf was the main character of the show as a kid, how fkn good is that!? The show is just based around the antics Louis (Shia LaBeouf) and his sister get up to but it’s so funny and smart.



Fuck Harry Potter. He ain’t got shit on Sabrina, her two Aunties Zelda and Hilda, and Salem the talking cat. Sabrina is the O.G. witch show with mystical adventures and really bad jokes, it’s so dope, highly recommended. I’m actually watching an ep right now 😉



Now if we were talking kid’s movies, Power Rangers would be #1 but in this case these radical teenagers come in at 4. If you love watching monsters get beat up by teenagers in futuristic Japanese suits then get on the download right now. My favourite power ranger is Zac the black ranger (named my dog Zac the black labrador back in the day) 5. ROUND THE TWIST


I re-watched all the seasons of Round the Twist recently and it’s one of the best Aussie kid’s shows ever. Bronson and Pete are incredibly funny and Linda is just a total babe! I had the maddest crush on her when I was little… still do! Shout out to Round the Twist for being awesome as hell.

Ivan Ooze is currently supporting Seth Sentry’s Strange New Past tour, head here for all the dates and ticket deets and keep up with the Oozemeister on his FB page here.

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