Touring Magnates Vivian Lees & Paul Dainty Create New Company ‘Two Worlds Touring’

Two of Australia’s most prolific tour promoters Paul Dainty & Vivian Lees recently announced the duo have teamed up to create a new company named Two Worlds Touring. As reported by The Music Network, Two Worlds Touring will be a secondary business to Lees and Dainty, who will continue to run their respective core companies while on occasion ‘work together on select concert and entertainment-related projects’, according to an official statement.

Dainty has brought some massive acts to Australia during his career, including Prince, Eminem and The Beach Boys, while Lees is most notable for co-founding the Big Day Out, a festival he promoted until this year when he split from the event and BDO partner Ken West.

Lees spoke to The Music Network and explained the ambitions he and Dainty have for Two Worlds Touring, saying the new company has high aspirations.

“It’s an exciting time to be in the music business, and we’re both looking at new opportunities and working with different creative people. I am confident we will get some very good results and build up a productive business,” Lees told The Music Network.

Meanwhile Noise11 posted the following statements from both Lees and Dainty, in which the two prominent promoters expressed their excitement to work together.

“I am really looking forward to working with Paul as he is someone I have held in high esteem for many years. He has a great work ethic and is a great dealmaker. As I see it, the idea of merging skills with him and building this venture with an open-ended outcome will lead to a very productive enterprise in the near term,” Lees said.

“Viv’s fantastic track record with contemporary live entertainment in this country speaks for itself… I have hoped the opportunity to work with Viv would arise at some point and so now we are very excited about Two Worlds Touring, which will allow us to jointly pursue some select acts of mutual interest while it will be business as usual for Dainty Group,” added Dainty.

The first project announcement from Two Worlds Touring is expected soon.

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