Travis Barker Believes LAPD Are Profiling Him After Recent Run-In

Travis Barker is understandably pretty pissed off after a run-in with one of his least-favourite organisations, the LAPD, last week. Barker believes it was his tattoos that convinced an officer to make a big deal out of a minor offense.

As TMZ reports, Barker was on his way to pick up one of his children from school in his custom Chevy when he was pulled over for not having a front license plate. Fair enough, but when the officer began to accuse the heavily tattooed musician of being in a gang and being in possession of weapons and drugs, Barker started to lose his cool.

It’s believed that upon seeing his tattoo-covered self, the officer made the assumption that he was not a good person. Deciding to go with his gut feeling, however shallow it may be, the cop then searched the car for an hour, finding nothing. Barker left the scene with a ticket to fix the license plate issue, and a new found sense of disdain for the LAPD.

Barker’s rep spoke to TMZ about the ordeal, saying that the drummer was very co-operative, albeit pissed at the situation, and walked away with a ‘fix-it’ ticket.

Taking to Twitter, Barker voiced his frustration at the cops, who he believes have been profiling him on account of his appearance. Just last year, a similar situation took place where the attending officers ‘scared the piss’ out of Barker’s children with their over-the-top reaction to a small violation.

Travis is not a happy chappy. Check out some of the tweets unleashed during his vent. I’m sure the Aussie police force will be nothing but pleasant when the lads are in town, so you’ve got nothing to worry about here, T-Ravis.

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