Travis Barker Gives Update On Blink-182’s “Great” New Album

Blink-182 sticksman Travis Barker has given fans an update on the group’s highly-anticipated new album, which is expected to drop later this year.

Speaking with KROQ, Barker says the new-look Blink lineup — that’s Barker, Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge’s replacement Matt Skiba — is “looking to kill it” with their new full-length effort, and they’re clearly enjoying each other’s company.

“It’s awesome because we’re all actually in the studio, where we couldn’t get that with the old lineup. It was impossible to get all three of us in the same studio… I think with a band you can’t just phone it in. You gotta be there,” Barker says.

“For that great chemistry and for everyone to really vibe you gotta all be in the same room. It’s just exciting. It’s a new chapter and we’re not striving for mediocrity, we’re looking to kill it. We’re gonna make a great album.”

Speaking about how much material will actually be on the album, Barker says, “I don’t know how many songs we’re gonna write before we say ‘this is the group of 12 songs we’re putting on the album’. We have 15-20 songs right now, but I really feel like it’s a process.”

As for the release date, it looks like it the album could drop around the American summer, as Blink have some “tentative” plans to play shows around then. “Everything will come together and be revealed in due time. It’s gonna be great,” Barker says.

In December 2015, Barker told a fan on Instagram that the new Blink-182 album will arrive in 2016. The band’s latest album is 2011’s Neighbourhoods, which arrived after an eight year break.

Aside from speaking about his work with Blink, Barker also says his next solo album is “coming along”. “I actually just sent a record to Pusha T from the Clipse who’s great. He’s the new president of GOOD Music, Kanye [West]’s record label,” he says.

“So yeah, I’m working on that really late at night. I do obscene hours. I come home from the studio at 4am when I’m doing that.”

Catch some recent photos from Blink-182’s studio sessions below, and brace for what’s sure to be a pretty huge year for the band.

Recording drums at my brother @johnfeldy 's studio by @alliesaurousrex

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Singing song words.

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What's up with this handsome beatnik playing guitars today?

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I am sing the demo. *Edit: poorly.

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