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Travis Barker Vs AJ Maddah

Written by Mike Hohnen on February 22, 2013

As we reported earlier, AJ Maddah and Travis Barker were trading some pretty heavy blows via Twitter after Barker released a statement regarding his bailing on the Soundwave 2013 tour which was more or less a jab at organisers. Maddah wasn’t too pleased with Barker’s explanation and has spoken up on his side of the story.

Unlike his previous battle with Joel Madden that made international news (our bad) things have gotten very heated very, very quickly with Barker even tweeting a whole tweet in caps lock. Which is like, you know, shouting. U mad, bro? But Maddah, despite being fully aware of the legal repercussions, has stuck to his guns.

The more Maddah reveals, the more it seems like Barker may be in the wrong. The Blink-182 drummer is happy to inform AJ that he is “talking shit” but when directly asked whether or not he was getting paid for touring Australia even though he isn’t coming, Barker responds with something else.

It has been brought to light that Barker demanded that he be paid for the tour, even though it would mean that his dedicated fans would not be able to get a refund. Maddah alleges that Blink management (which is apparently a seperate entity to Barker management) confirmed in writing that he would be touring and a tour bus has refurbished for Barker and his personal chef.

Barker points out that he has private messaged Maddah his number twice, and has received no call. He has since signed off telling AJ, “Despite all the bullshit i wish u the best.”

Update 21:26pm: AJ and Travis have sorted things out

Read the entire conversation below.

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