Trent Reznor Details His Nearly-Fatal Flight Home From Coachella

Nine Inch Nails‘ frontman Trent Reznor has recounted a harrowing experience he had flying from Coachella to Las Vegas recently, where he wasn’t sure he was going to survive.

Speaking to The Quietus, Reznor talks about how he tries to avoid dangerous situations now he’s a father, but spoke of a near-death experience when the aforementioned flight hit some pretty serious turbulence. According to him, the plane was cruising along as normal before abruptly dropping vertically, only to start cruising along again.

“Bassnectar was on the flight too,” he said. “And I remember him sitting next to me and I wasn’t sure who he was at first. But when you have a near death experience on a plane, that changes everything.”

“We may have been holding hands by the time we regained altitude. I never used to be conscious of it but now I’m aware that I’m in a flying tin can of potential death every time I step onto a plane.”

Of course, Reznor and co. made it through the flight okay. It also looks like the Coachella he was this year’s, where he had some choice words about The Weeknd’s set.

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