Triple M Backflip On Nickelback Boycott

Just when it looked as though Feeds had a powerful ally in the campaign against Nickelback, rock station Triple M has recanted their previous deal with fans not to play the band’s new single should a Facebook post get 1000 likes.

At last glance, the post, started by top dog Jamie Angel, had surpassed 1200 likes, and scores of comments in support. However, when we went to get an update this arvo, the post had been removed. We tried to contact the man himself to get to the bottom of this, but though messages were left, so far there has been no call back. That hurts. Almost as much as it hurt to find out we were once again on our own in the battle against the rock tyrants.

As great and amazing as it would be to keep the airwaves Nickelback free, it would look as though the powers that be have put the foot down. Feeds experienced first hand just how ferocious and cruel Nickelwhacks fans can be if you attack their much-loved band, so we can’t totally blame Triple M for giving in, though we remain hopeful that they will come to their senses and keep fighting the good fight.

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