Turns Out Corey Taylor Has A Role In ‘Sharknado 4’

As if he wasn’t metal enough, Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor revealed recently that he’s going to have a cameo in the upcoming Sharknado four-quel Sharknado 4 : The 4th Awakens. Those sharks better watch out.

Taylor made the comments at LiveNation’s Nation Concert Day event, via Loudwire. The frontman turned actor hesitant at first to drop the news, explaining that he’ll be playing a security guard in the TV movie, set to premiere 31st July on the SyFy Network. He didn’t go into any further detail.

The film’s producers however have since released a full list of all the cameos in the upcoming disaster spoof, confirming Taylor will be appearing as a Shark World Hotel security guard. He’ll be appearing alongside fellow guest stars such as cast members from the Real Housewives, Married With Children and of course, Shark Tank.

This isn’t his first, or last time in front of the camera however, with Corey also speaking about this upcoming role in Slipknot band mate Clown’s film Officer Downe, as well as his dreams of a future acting career.

Plus there was that time he leant his voice to an episode of BBC series Doctor Who, because he’s a major fanboy (see below).

Not sure if starting with Sharknado is the best path to The Oscars though Corey mate.

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