Turns Out Late ‘Sopranos’ Star James Gandolfini Was A Bigger Green Day Fan Than Any Of Us

Tony Soprano may have loved Journey, but the man who played him was all about that Bay Area punk rock.

According to fellow Sopranos star Michael Imperioli (AKA Christopher Moltisanti) James Gandolfini frothed Green Day, and more specifically, their 1994 album Dookie.

“He would play the vinyl of Dookie in his trailer at work. Totally serious,” Imperioli said of his late co-star’s musical taste. “No joke. He loved Green Day.”

It gets even better, though.

Imperioli later spilled some more tasty nuggets to the gang at Stereogum.

“Gandolfini would also sing ‘Basket Case’ and make up his own lyrics about HBO and the writers and producers of The Sopranos,” he revealed. “Usually when he was feeling overworked and overexposed, and his lyrics would reflect that. Some of the more musical crew members would add a verse or two. Great fun.”

What a fucking legend.

And that’s not all. Imperioli also revealed that Gandolfini “named his dog Dookie and used it in his email address”, thus confirming that Tony Soprano’s love of Green Day eclipsed that of any of us.

Somebody tell Billie-Joe Armstrong about this please.

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