Twenty One Pilots ‘Heathens’ Reworked Using Twenty One Different Musical Styles

Anthony Vincent, the mad scientist behind mash-ups of culturally important songs such as Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood or The Pokemon Theme-song has reared his head from his dungeon laboratory, this time bearing a Frankenstiened version of Twenty One Pilots’ Heathens, stitched together using 21 different musical stylings.

In the space of a mere 5 minutes, Vincent embodies and *becomes* Korn, David Bowie, Oasis, Cypress Hill and more. Plenty of left-of-centre additions are thrown into the mix too – Hank Williams for example, lol wtf – which is truly a testament to the skills of Vincent whose magnificent taste in clothing is confirmed by his death metal Celine Dion muscle tee.

It’s tough to find a personal favourite, given that each incarnation is better than the last, but that Anthrax one is bloody uncanny. Finishing with Nirvana was also a nice touch.

Vincent has been on a bit of a roll lately, offering not just the aforementioned jams, but also his take on Gorillaz Feel Good Inc and Justin Bieber’s Sorry It’s safe to say he’s found his calling.

Watch: Twenty One Pilots – Heathens – Ten Second Songs 21 Style Cover

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