Two Hospitalised Following Suspected Drug Overdoses At Sydney Dance Party

Two people have been hospitalised and 18 drug charges have been laid following an all-night dance party at Sydney’s Olympic Park.

A woman was rushed to Concord hospital around midnight on Saturday suffering a suspected drug overdose at the sold-out Midnight Mafia festival.

Her current condition is not known.

As Nine reports, a 19-year-old male attendee was also hospitalised around the same time for being severely “drug-affected”, but he’s since been released.

Police ran a drug dog op at the festival, searching 111 people and allegedly catching 18 with drugs.

Twelve of those reportedly related to MDMA, while two punters were slapped with cautions for cannabis possession.

The events at Midnight Mafia mark 3 drug overdoses at NSW music festival events this weekend, after two teens OD’d at the Maitland leg of Groovin The Moo, also on Saturday.

And it comes at a time when multiple drug-related tragedies have put the state’s festivals in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, after 25-year-old Alice Choi lost her life at the Sydney leg of Stereosonic and another woman suffered a near-fatal overdose at Field Day.

The state government has threatened to shut down music festivals if the drug overdoses don’t stop, but have also flat-out refused to do anything about it themselves, such as implementing a harm minimisation strategy like pill-testing.

Meanwhile a group of leading Australian health experts have moved to independently bankroll a pill-testing trial, vowing to defy Premier Mike Baird’s ultra-conservative regime and even endure mass arrests if it means preventing more fatal drug overdoses.

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