Tyler, The Creator Wrote A Poem For Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Zine

So it turns out that Kanye West wasn‘t the only one to make a poetic contribution to Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry zine – which was released in the US and UK over the weekend.

Along with the hugely anticipated release of his new album Blonde, Ocean also released a full colour zine which contained a heap of artist contributions including a poem about McDonald’s by Yeezy.

Now Tyler, The Creator‘s own contribution has surfaced online; a poem called Tricolour. It’s a significantly more personal effort that Kanye’s, focussing on some of the major moments of growth in Tyler’s life – and it’s definitely more serious than what we’ve come to expect from the former Odd Future leader.

Read the poem in full, below.


Los Angeles, California

Text by Tyler, the Creator

the early chapters of my book included bus passes

now its tire traction off like fuck crashes, ask him how?

insurance higher than the lease bill, run flats when the feet peel

fish tail, the boy eats meals, tummy ache from my cheap thrills

granny hug the way the seat feel, on the left turn, leave the neck burned

from the frost bit links, size of an earth worm, wasted on last check earned

i’m, expecting this so it aint odd, two 5’s on the paint job, lactose, wide body, fat ghost

grannys watch over me when i act slow, rev till i plateau

keys sorted on the hip, jeff gordon is his mind, life’s forza on the strip

switch gears like i take breaths, wish i had 8

left 6 got skipped, went to 7th from the 5th

more advance than your average,

i like coupes, two shit

when my friends pull up, stops turn into a pageant

but until i get that enzo, its chapter uno

but i know what that bus pass turned into, its magic

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