Tyler, The Creator Announces Film Project ‘Wolf’ And Releases Trailer

Odd Future mastermind Tyler, The Creator made good on a weekend promise to release “something” on Monday evening by unveiling the trailer for an upcoming film project titled Wolf. Few details accompanied the release of the trailer, leaving fans to speculate on whether this is a feature-length movie or a long-form musical video in the vein of Kanye West or R. Kelly.

The trailer depicts the 22-year-old Tyler Okonma in character as his sociopathic alter-ego Wolf Haley, coughing over inhaled cigarette smoke (Tyler is famously asthmatic) and instructing a pair of anonymous consiglieres to beat up on a striped tee-clad bicyclist, also played by Tyler. Wolf and his buddies then speed away in a muscle car, which Tyler tweeted was the “same car from Bimmer and Jamba.”

The clip also appears to be professionally shot, taking a different cinematic route to the more DIY, cinéma vérité style of his Adult Swim sketch show Loiter Squad. Directing duties are billed as being handled by Wolf Haley, Tyler’s pseudonym for production and music video work. The teaser ends by informing audiences that the soundtrack for the film is “Out Now” and displaying the cover of Tyler’s third studio album, also titled Wolf, released back in April.

Tyler took to Twitter to assure fans that there was “More to come soon” and to announce his plans to go to his beloved Fat Burger restaurant. The trailer comes after fellow Odd Future alum Earl Sweatshirt told NME that fans could expect a collaborative album in the near future, saying “We’ll do the record when we’re ready to sit down for a month and a half and do it in one.”

Watch: WOLF Official Movie Trailer

“Tyler Will Be Releasing Something”


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